David Cameron Porn

The Truth Behind the Proposition

David Cameron Wants to control the internet by blocking pornography, when this fails, the government will make the decition to make a "whitelist", which you will have to pay for, this is going to destroy the internet as we know it!

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The Truth

This is not about the children, this is about control!
Mr David Cameron is trying to manipulate the wonderful people of the United Kingdom into voting for his proposition on blocking pornography on the internet within the UK.

According to him this is to protect the children from "smut on the internet", but it is really the first step in a strategy meant to monitize the access and use of the internet within the UK.

By first introducing the blacklist of pornohgraphy web sites they will "realise" that blacklisting cannot be done, so they will as a reaction to this create a whitelist, but the irony of it all is that you would have to pay for this in a tier system.

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